Workshop on Justice Information System

On Wednesday, January 11, the Ministry of Justice and NOSi promoted a workshop at the University of Mindelo whose main objective was to introduce system operators to the advantages and functionalities of the new version of SIJ.
NOSi Executive Director Mayra Silva, the SIJ technical team, partners and guests attended the ceremony, chaired by Director General of Policy and Justice Marlene Dias on behalf of the Department of Justice.

The platform was presented by the SIJ technical team, led by the product manager, Benvindo Costa, by the magistrate, Judge Antero Tavares, however, other important interventions and sharing were made, such as the jurist Simão Monteiro. In addition to demonstrating the robust and secure architecture of this new version, this opportunity was the occasion for discussions and the gathering of valuable feedback by the SIJ team, for the continuous improvement and adequacy of the system, currently at an advanced stage of development for operationalization.

The guests were also able to understand how digitization facilitated the procedures of relationship between the diaspora and public services in Cabo Verde through the consular portal regarding the issuance of documents such as passports and CNI, certificates, criminal records, etc. This information was shared by the Cabo Verde Embassy by the Digital Diaspora Project Leader, Octávio Correia. 

1/14/23 12:45 AM
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