We are NOSi

Over 20 years of experience in the area of Digital Governance, operating in both national and international markets, NOSi designs innovative solutions for digital transformation, whether for the public or private sector, relying on high-qualified technicians and modern technological platforms, web-oriented and adaptable to customer needs.



Lead the digital transformation within the Cabo Verdean public sector improving the lives of citizens and promoting innovative collaborations between enterprises.



We believe in transparency, ethics, responsibility and trust, commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship, integration, teamwork, human and cultural diversity, results and promptness for change.



Be a key player in the Fast IT era in Cabo Verde, leveraging the best technological solutions and placing them towards a more responsive and inclusive public service.

It all began with the foundation of the State Financial Administration Reform Unit (RAFE) in 1998. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, the e-Government (e-Gov) in Cabo Verde took its first steps to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Administration
  • 2021 EllaLink arrives in the country

    With all partners, especially CVTelecom, NOSi was bound by the same will to make happen a state-of-the-art fiber optic submarine cable with a capacity of 30TB, designed to meet traffic needs between Europe and Latin America, with the possibility of including traffic from the ECOWAS region, starting in Cabo Verde..

  • 2021 TicSeed Pre Incubator

    TicSeed Pre-incubator is launched to boost youth employment and stimulate entrepreneurship.

  • 2021 NOSi and WSO2 partnership

    NOSi and WSO2 set strategic partnership to accelerate digital transformation.

  • 2021 Nha Card official launch

    On August 2nd, we launched the "Nha Card" - Cabo Verde's digital certificate - (https://nhacard.gov.cv/). The ceremony was presided by Mr. Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva.

    "Nha Card", a platform designed to safely and efficiently dematerialize and provide covid-19 vaccination, testing and recovery certificates.

  • 2019 New Board of Directors of NOSi-EPE

    The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Olavo Correia, inducted on September 23th, 2019, the new members of the Board of Directors of NOSi, consisting of:

    • Carlos Alberto Tavares Pina - Chairman
    • Mayra Suely Santos Silva - Executive Director
    • Victor Manuel L. Varela - Executive Director
  • 2019 e-GOV II

    The 1st phase of this project guaranteed fiber optic connections and network structuring in more than 300 institutions.

  • 2019 NOSi awarded 1st Class Medal of Merit by the Presidency of the Republic

    The President of the Republic, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca, distinguished NOSI with the First Class of the Medal of Merit, "in recognition of the selfless and professional manner, out of love and conviction, with which it contributed to the enhancement and affirmation of science and technology in Cabo Verde”.

  • 2018 Implementation of WebLab

    An initiative aiming to diminish digital exclusion, facilitating access to equipment and connectivity, knowledge and use of technologies.

  • 2017 Cabo Verde Technology Park construction begins

    This infrastructure is intended to boost the ICT cluster, positioning Cabo Verde as an international center for service provision and as a Gateway to Africa for international companies of reference in the sector.

  • 2017 New National Identity Card

    The National Identification Card is part of the ambitious project that is the National Identification and Civil Authentication System (SNIAC), envisaged to be a central and transversal system for the management of identification and civil authentication.

  • 2016 1º Board of Directors of NOSi-EPE

    The 1st Board of Directors of the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society, (NOSI), composed of the President, António Fernandes and the two Executive Directors, Carlos Santos and Aruna Handem was inducted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016, by the Prime Minister, José Ulisses Correia e Silva.

  • 2016 Foundation of NOSi Akademia

    A training program that operates particularly in the field of professional internships and has as main valences the certification, JumpStart and the Ticseed pre-incubator.

  • 2016 Electronic Passport

    The Cabo Verde Electronic Passport, in compliance with international requirements and the highest levels of existing security standards.

  • 2015 Cabo Verde State's New Data Center

    A high security standard infrastructure, both physical and logical, for data storage and processing. Designed to provide cloud services nationally and internationally.

  • 2015 INSS Project - São Tomé e Príncipe

    Updating and computerizing the processes of the National Institute of Social Security of Sao Tome and Principe by developing an automated system for the management of all processes, benefits and contributions.

  • 2014 Guiné Equatorial i-Gov Project

    Consulting and service delivery in Equatorial Guinea for the development and implementation of an integrated Electronic Governance system.

  • 2013 “Single Window” in Mozambique

    NOSi implements the Single Window "E-Baú" of Tourism, Industry, Commerce, and Simplified Licensing for any area of licensing activity in the 5 provinces of Mozambique: Maputo, Cabo Delgado, Sofala, Inhabanne and Gaza.

  • 2012 African Innovation Award

    NOSi was distinguished as the winner of the 3rd edition of the African Public Sector Innovation Awards (AAPSIA 2012), in the category Innovation in Government Systems and Processes, with SIGOF - Integrated System for Budget and Financial Management.

  • 2008 Citizen House and Portal www.portondinosilhas.cv

    Whether in Cabo Verde or abroad, presentially or online, it became possible to consult, inform, and carry out transactions quickly and in a single counter, with public services.

  • 2008 Company on the day

    Establishment of companies - Sole Proprietorship and/or Limited Liability Companies - immediately on the same day, at the Citizen House.

  • 2007 Issuing Certificates Online

    Through a safe and quick process, citizens began to request and have their certificates in real time and online, reducing drastically the displacements and waits in public services.

  • 2007 Konekta Digital Squares

    Free internet access in the municipal public squares.

  • 2005 PAGE and PESI Presentation

    Action Plan for Electronic Governance and Strategic Plan for the Information Society.

  • 2004 Establishment of NOSi

    Operational Nucleus of the Information Society.

  • 2003 Electoral Process System

    Provided greater efficiency and transparency in electoral processes, as well as biometric registration in the country and in the diaspora and online dissemination of results.

  • 2002 Implementation of SIM

    Municipal Information System - The implementation in the municipalities of computer infrastructures, local networks, data centers, and an information system that covers all areas of municipal management.

  • 2001 Computerization of the RNI

    Notary Public Registries and Civil Identification - Allowed integration of Information Systems for electronic governance, feeds the entire State Information System at the Cadastral level.

  • 2001 Deployment of RTPE

    Technological and State Private Network - Interconnection and integration of all central and local government institutions on a single communication platform, bringing greater ease, speed, and efficiency in communication and decision making.

  • 2000 Implementation of SIGOF

    Integrated Budget and Financial Management System - A tool for the preparation, execution, and follow-up of the General State Budget (OGE) at all levels - Central Government, Local Government, and Autonomous Funds and Services.

  • 1998 Foundation UC- RAFE

    The Coordination Unit for the State's Administrative and Financial Reform was established.

NOSi Status

In 2014, through Decree-Law No. 13/2014, the Nucleus Operational of the Information Society was transformed into a Public Enterprise Entity, abbreviated to NOSI, E.P.E.

The changes introduced were intended primarily to consolidate the vocation embraced by NOSi in the national context, in the Digital Governance and Knowledge Society area, as well as with the pressing need to restructure its structures and organizational model, in order to provide greater agility in its operation and greater efficiency in its action, taking advantage of existing synergies and adjusting them to the mission that NOSi aims to pursue, as well as the human and financial resources available.