We are NOSi

Over 20 years of experience in the area of Digital Governance, operating in both national and international markets, NOSi designs innovative solutions for digital transformation, whether for the public or private sector, relying on high-qualified technicians and modern technological platforms, web-oriented and adaptable to customer needs.



Lead the digital transformation within the Cabo Verdean public sector improving the lives of citizens and promoting innovative collaborations between enterprises.



We believe in transparency, ethics, responsibility and trust, commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship, integration, teamwork, human and cultural diversity, results and promptness for change.



Be a key player in the Fast IT era in Cabo Verde, leveraging the best technological solutions and placing them towards a more responsive and inclusive public service.

It all began with the foundation of the State Financial Administration Reform Unit (RAFE) in 1998. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, the e-Government (e-Gov) in Cabo Verde took its first steps to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Administration
  • 2011 Simplified Business Licensing

    Processing and issuing of the following certificates: 

    • Simplified Licensing of Industrial Activity; 
    • Simplified Licensing for Wholesale Commerce; 
    • Simplified Licensing for Retail Trade;  
    • Simplified Licensing for Tourism Enterprises (ET) Travel Agencies (AVT); 
    •  Simplified Licensing for Construction. 
  • 2011 Company Closure

    It enables the extinction and closure of a commercial company, either voluntarily or unofficially, within 48 hours, in one single face-to-face service counter at the Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House). 

  • 2009 Land Registry

    Streamline the property registration of large tourism developments, facilitating the registration process over the Internet. Easier and faster private-public relationship to legalize land in 48 hours.

  • 2009 Property Registration Special Regime System (SRERP)

    Automated registration of the entire process of disposition, transmission and encumbrance of tourist properties. Provides seamless integration of all parties involved in the transaction process from banks, lawyers, tourism enterprises, City Councils, Notary Public Offices and the General Directorate of Tax Contribution.

  • 2008 Company on Day (END)

    A simplified regime for business incorporation. Covers commercial companies (Quotas, Single-Member Private Limited Company, Joint Stock Company) within a maximum of 24h. 

  • 2008 Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House) and "Porton di nos ilha” Portal

    Cabo Verde's first One Stop Shop, which has brought a new attendance concept, through physical attendance channels (Casa do Cidadão), Web (Porton di nos ilha), and Contact Center. It has made State services easier, simpler and more innovative for citizens and companies, both national and international.  

  • 2008 Electronic Payments and Forms

    State payments using electronic means, namely debit cards (Vinti4 cards), at ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines) or through the portal www.portondinosilha.cv

  • 2008 Certificate of Admissibility (CAF)

    Complete solution to create a company allowing the approval of the company's name in a simple and tuned way, avoiding duplications and any disarray in this process. 

  • 2008 Back-office applications at Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House)

    Public Administration tool used at Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House) for services provided to customers.

  • 2003 Notary's Information System (SIN)

     Ensures efficiency, celerity and transparency in legal and juridical processes related, especially, to the real estate business. It also ensure legal title and underlying legal reasons, as well as the monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting of revenues derived from emoluments due.

  • 2012 Sistema de Informação de Registo Predial (SIRP)

    Permite de forma célere e segura registar e publicitar atos e factos sob os prédios, nos termos do código do registo predial, bem como, proceder à recuperação dos registos que se encontravam em livros e fichas, associando-lhes as imagens digitalizadas destes. 

NOSi Status

In 2014, through Decree-Law No. 13/2014, the Nucleus Operational of the Information Society was transformed into a Public Enterprise Entity, abbreviated to NOSI, E.P.E.

The changes introduced were intended primarily to consolidate the vocation embraced by NOSi in the national context, in the Digital Governance and Knowledge Society area, as well as with the pressing need to restructure its structures and organizational model, in order to provide greater agility in its operation and greater efficiency in its action, taking advantage of existing synergies and adjusting them to the mission that NOSi aims to pursue, as well as the human and financial resources available.