NOSi welcomes ANPTIC CEO from Burkina Faso

On Wednesday, October 6th, we received at the Data Center installations, in Achada Grande Frente, the visit of the CEO of the National Agency for the Promotion of Information and Communication Technologies (ANPTIC) from Burkina Faso, Aminata Zerbo, accompanied by her consultant Tegawendé Bissyandé, and by the Huawei Cabo Verde representative, Steve Chang.

This visit aimed to get to know the installations, the course and the solutions developed by NOSi in the Digital Governance domain, as well as the work developed in the Weblabs and also to establish future partnerships.

They were received by the NOSi team, led by the Executive Director, Lumumba Barbosa.

Following the visit to the Data Center they also visited the WebLab of the Achada Grande Frente Secondary School.

10/8/21 11:17 AM
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