NOSi receives a visit from the State Business Sector Monitoring Unit Team

On Tuesday, July 26, NOSi received the visit of a UASE team, consisting of its Coordinator, Sandeney Fernandes, the Planning and Control Manager, Malene Almeida, and the new Portfolio Manager for NOSi, Nádia Teixeira, who will henceforth be the focal point between NOSi and UASE.

Received by the Board of Directors and team, they were briefed on the  ongoing structuring projects, under the responsibility of NOSi, to consolidate and qualify digital governance in Cabo Verde and to accelerate the country’s digital transition, as well as the preparation of the next NOSi Business Plan in line with the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS II) for the horizon 2022-2026, in the framework of the restructuring of the company and the relaunch of its internationalization.

This was followed by a guided tour of the Várzea facilities and the Technological Park in Achada Grande, passing through all its organic structures.



7/27/22 1:12 PM
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