NOSi-E.P.E. accredited as digital certification authority

NOSi-CA's accreditation as a certification authority is a major milestone for NOSi, having had to meet stringent requirements and a heavy investment in technical and human capacity. NOSi will now issue, distribute, renew and revoke second-level digital certificates and provide electronic signature services to individuals and legal entities.

On Tuesday, November 9th, at the ARME headquarters in Praia, the Accreditation Certificate was delivered to NOSi-EPE. Dr. Isaías Barreto da Rosa, as President of ARME, the organization responsible for awarding the Accreditation Certificate to Certification entities, public or private, within the Public Key Infrastructure of Cabo Verde, delivered the certificate to the CEO of NOSi, Engineer Carlos Tavares Pina, attended by teams from both organizations.

Authentication and electronic identification is among the pillars of NOSi's Strategic Global Action Plan. The aim is to accelerate the digital transition and help the country to be more competitive by ensuring and promoting digital identification in a self-service approach for citizens and enterprises to freely, securely and transparently access and provide services.

11/9/21 6:09 PM
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