NOSi and IFH establish a partnership agreement focused on human capital
Orlando Tavares

According to NOSi, people and talents, are as important, or even more important, than technology. An essential factor behind the entire digital transformation process. Based on this view, NOSi has sought to fulfill its employees throughout all the dimensions of their lives. On Tuesday, November 2nd, a partnership agreement was signed between NOSi and IFH - Imobiliária Fundiária e Habitat, S.A., aiming to allow NOSi employees to purchase a home by means of the acquisition and sale process with part-payment and retention of title.

The ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors of NOSi , the CEO Carlos Tavares Pina, by the Directors, Mayra Silva and Lumumba Barbosa, and their teams, and the Board of Directors of IFH represented by the CEO José Miguel Martins, and Director Abílio Rocha.

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11/3/21 11:46 AM
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