5 final-year students from the Design and Multimedia course at CCFO are currently doing curricular internships at NOSi

NOSi has been strongly committed to providing young people with more technical skills and, at the softskills level, to creating opportunities. On Tuesday, July 6, we welcomed 5 finalists from Design and Multimedia course, from the Professional Training and Empowerment Center of the Orgãos. 

These young people from the municipality of São Lourenço dos Órgãos, interior of Santiago, will join NOSi's Brand Strategy and UX/UI Design department for 9 weeks, developing their skills in a real work context.

According to the pedagogical coordinator of this Centre, Luís Fernandes, the partnership with NOSi until 2016 helped to develop and improve skills. At that time, 10 trainees of the course of Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems had the opportunity to perform their curricular internship at NOSi, and thanks to the skills acquired, most were employed soon after the internship.

7/14/21 12:55 PM
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