WebLab I was an initiative of NOSi partnered with the Ministry of Education (ME), under the implementation of the Technological Park of Cabo Verde.

Designed to increase opportunities for young Cape Verdeans by providing them with high quality training in digital skills. Under the initiative, it has included the acquisition and installation of 43 equipped containers/classrooms set up in all 43 Secondary Schools in the country.

On WebLab II, the schools with existing WebLab I (all 43 Secondary Schools) and the new schools (426 Elementary Schools) that will be selected to participate in WebLab II will be prioritized.

It is intended to expand WebLab to:

  • All the 44 remaining school groups that do not participate in WebLab I;
  • Institutionalization of WebLab;
  • Review of the current training offers together with the ME to adapt and learn from the previous WebLab program;
  • Readapt the program with valences to contemplate young people who are outside the education system.