The Mindelo Innovation Center reinforces the partnership between NOSi and EMAR.

Aiming to strengthen the existing partnership between NOSi and Escola do Mar, the Board of Directors of NOSi, following the inauguration of the Innovation Center and the igrpweb open source workshop in Mindelo, made a courtesy visit to this entity linked to maritime arts and crafts on September 23.

They revised the partnership that has been in force since September 2020 and discussed actions to be carried out in the short and medium term, now with the establishment of the NOSi Innovation Center in Mindelo.

NOSi's Board of Directors team, Carlos Tavares Pina, CEO, Mayra Silva and Lumumba Barbosa, Executive Directors, were welcomed by EMAR's CEO, Ivan Barbosa Bettencourt, and Executive Director, Liliane Pimenta de Aguiar

9/28/22 5:06 PM
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