DON assumes itself as a Transversal Directorate to all project areas, and relates to the other functional structures of NOSi, EPE, and maintains, in particular, a close articulation with DSC, DSD, DDC and RCA, especially with the Core DC / Cloud Networking area.

Hence, based on a pragmatic approach to cloud computing (multicloud) as a new standard and guiding principle for digital governance architecture, adapted to the new strategy of NOSi, EPE and to the context of digital transformation of the country, the following two project areas are part of the DON: 

  • Cloud Native Architectures (CNA) with skills from the Cloud Infra and Cloud Services teams, as well as, the Core Services tasks that were previously part of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) area; 
  • Storage and Data Management (SDM) with the competencies of the Database Unit strengthened by new and important assignments.