NOSi participates in the Information Security Workshop organized by the Ministry of Finance

Invited by the Ministry of Finance and Business Development, NOSi participated this Monday, May 29, in the Workshop "Information Security-Fundaments and Best Practices". The opening ceremony was presided by the Secretary of State for Finance, Alcindo Mota, and was heavily attended by employees of the MFFE

On behalf of NOSi, the technical-specialist of the Security and Compliance Department, Natalício Lopes, addressed the topic "Good Practices in Information Security in RTPE". The objective of this workshop was to raise the awareness of Officers and Middle Management regarding the importance of adopting secure practices to protect against the main risks and threats present on the Internet and to direct them to the use of existing technological solutions for the effective dematerialization of the MFFE.

5/30/23 1:41 PM
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