The current architecture requires evolution to a flexible interoperability and integration approach and practices to enhance the Digital Marketplace, improving digital trust and confidence in transactions between government, businesses and citizens.

The Public Administration Information Systems Interoperability Framework - Government Cloud, currently underway, will:

  • Support the design and deployment of blockchain-based applications;
  • Support the development of FinTech;
  • Accelerate digital government outcomes;
  • Consolidate digital governance platforms.

With over two decades of NOSi's experience in the area of e-governance, this will be an advantage to "leverage" the ICT market through a new collaborative innovation platform, together with the private sector, in the five value-added segments:

  • Digital government excellence;
  • Digital identity management;
  • User-perceived quality support;
  • Ubiquitous and high availability online;
  • High value-added content.