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Soluções Finanças

SIGOF – Integrated System for Budget and Financial Management


SIGOF is the instrument of excellence in terms of financial management of the Cape Verde State.


Its main goals are: budget control, expenditure management, revenues and public accounts management. The introduction to the Integrated System for Budget and Financial Management (SIGOF) since 2002 by the Operational Nucleus for the Information Society– NOSi, through integration, functional, organic and technological aggregation, allowed a considerable improvement in terms of State’s financial management.
It is currently an instrument for preparation, execution and monitoring of the State’s General Budget (SGB) at all levels - that is, Central Power, Local Power, Funds and Autonomous Services. It includes a single collection system and an interface of customer services in order to cover up the lack of specific applications in service delivery. It includes applications for the following:

Budget Management; Treasury Management; Management of Investment Projects; Procurement Monitoring and Evaluation; Property Management; Electronic Payments; Management of Human Resources; Wages Processing; Revenue Management; Income Tax ; Value Added Tax (VAT).


As it is a “Web-oriented” tool, it brings together participation in a decentralized way of all State Institutions, in the various stages of the State’s financial and budget management. 

• Improved State’s financial and budget management; 
• Transparency and speed in decision-making process and in analytical reporting; 
• Acknowledgement of the management model at international level; 
• Allowed the country to be chosen by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Ministry of Finance as the program´s  Fiscal Agent and helped the country to be a success case study and benchmark for the CPL countries, WB, IMF and various USA universities.

Category: Public Finance

Status: concluded


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