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PORTAL "Porton dinos ilha"

casa_ciddThe portal "Porton di nos ilha" is a tool that relates Cape Verde Pubic Administration with its users.  From this unique interface, citizens and enterprises are able to obtain the information, interact and make transactions with diverse Public Administration services, in a safety, easy and fast way.

The integration of Information System of Cape Verde Public Administration, allowed by the construction of a unique communication infra-structure – the State’s Network – and a common technological platform, has allowed delivering public services beyond the traditional way, to a model where the citizen/enterprise in Cape Verde or abroad can interact with public services trough Internet by "Porton di nos ilha".

All taxonomy of the Portal is on behalf of the real needs of citizens to the detriment of traditional organically arrangement of products. The information and services are organized by the following key domains:  Citizenship, Business, and Our Country. These supply, respectively, the information and practical orientation in order to facilitate the citizen’s life in relating with Public Sector; information and orientation concerning economics and business environment; and the different demonstrations of Cape Verde culture.

Through a previous registration at the "Casa do Cidadão" (citizen’s House) service, you can have a safe certifier to access the diverse services, for instance: application for online certificates, electronic payments to State, creation of enterprises, submission of forms.


Next steps: Inclusion of new products and services in “Porton di nos ilha”



• Thousands of on-line certificates issued in the country and abroad; 
• Computerized services (no need to print) and worldwide rendering services; 
• Hundreds of enterprises created in a single day; 
• Electronic payments to State; 
• Improvement in the quality of service provided to citizens.

Category: Electronic Administration

Present Situation:  Concluded.

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