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Secretary of State of Decentralization and Regional Development

Domain: Decentralization and SIM (Municipal Information System)


Establishment of a partnership between Government, trough SEDDR, ANMCV (National Association of Cape Verde Municipalities) and NOSi, concerning the conception and implementation of the supporting information systems of the municipal management in all Cape Verde municipalities, aiming at modernizing and improving management in a continuous and solid way.


- Execution of an initial diagnosis on identifying the needs of each municipality in terms of infra-structures, equipments and management tools, focusing on economic and financial domains;

- Elaboration of appropriate investment projects and related budgets;

- Implementation of supporting infra-structures to information systems of municipal management;

- Updating and/or reinforcement of support equipments to information systems of municipal management;

- Outset and setting up computer applications for municipal management;

- Training of all users concerning applicative tools used and installed;

- Permanent maintenance and technical assistance;

- Creation of communication network and abundance of information among Government, Audit Court, and Municipalities.

Signature Date

May 30, 2005

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